Motion Detector when I’m sleeping

Hi, I’m new to RING. The previous system I used had a Motion Detector that was activated when I armed the system on NIGHT mode. The sensor was installed in the living room. It had a couple second delay when I went to sleep upstairs and a couple second delay when I wake up in the morning before going off. It gave us a chance to deactivate it before calling the station. I felt safe because it was monitoring all the time while we were sleeping.

But, I recently installed Ring’s motion detector in the same place I had the previous one. Ring does not have a NIGHT mode so I use HOME mode only when I go to sleep. I like having the motion detector monitoring the stairway when I’m sleeping but it goes off in the morning when I enter the living room or at night if I go to the bathroom.

I need help having the motion detector activated when I’m sleeping but not go off when I wake up every morning. :grin:

Thanks for your recommendations.

Go into Settings for the motion detector, and change the Placement to “Entryway”, you can then set it to be delayed when Home or Away. Any sensor / detector with the Placement set to “Entryway” or “Main Door” will delay the trigger and give you time to disarm.

Thank you very much. I just changed it to ENTRYWAY. When I tested it, the alarm did not go off. I do receive a push notification on my phone but y hat’s not enough. I think we are making progress. What step Am I missing?

You have not setup modes then. Click on the Motion Detector, then Mode Settings, and set Home Mode and Away Mode to “Armed and monitored”.

I’ve seen people say they have motion sensors in the bedroom. I’m thinking about adding one to our bedroom to control some lights in the middle of … tossing and turning that people do in the middle of the night while asleep ?