Motion detector sucks - how do I contact support

Motion detector sucks. Sometimes it doesn’t pick up motion like a car pulling in/out of my driveway, or delivery person walking up to the door and putting a package right under the doorbell. Ring told me to uninstall/reinstall the app and also re-setup the doorbell. I did, and it still sucks. They can’t even tell me if there is known issue, or whether I might have a defective doorbell. Also, is there no way to contact support anymore accept to post and wait?

I reached a human at 800-656-1918. Put me through a lot of steps but the fixes didn’t hold.

Mine activates every time we go OUT the door. But we just had our 4th delivery this week that recorded nothing, and certainly didn’t trigger any notification. We keep reloading the app, changing settings, and it might work for a day or two, then nothing. Gives me zero feeling of security if we leave the house.

The concept is great, but in reality I think I wasted my money.


Thanks for your reply. Good to know I’m not the only one that is having this problem. Thanks for the phone number. The Ring App kept redirecting me to the Community forum. Awhile back, the app would give you the option of chat or calling a human. I’m wondering if they scaled down their customer service during the pandemic or if they’ve just cut their quality altogether.

Mine is the same way! If someone does not ring the bell, it does not capture motion! It is infuriating!


Hey neighbors! More than happy to help everyone on this thread. Will you please post a photo of how you have your motion settings as well as a screen shot of live view? That way we can take a look at the positioning of your device. Thanks!

Hi Jennifer,

I’ve been having the same issue as the other people on this thread. I came home yesterday and took my car which was parked at the front of the house. No motion was detected. It’s pretty scary to know, that someone can steal one of my cars without the ring doorbell detecting anything. This happens quite often (motion is missed from driveway, front of the house, and even at the door). Please find photos of my motion settings attached. I’d appreciate any assistance that you can provide.

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Hi Jennifer,

My door is at street level. There are no stairs. These settings are the best I can get to pick up things entering my driveway. The door bell is to the side of my two car garage. The most common door bell miss are cars that pull in or out of my driveway/garage on the side nearest to the doorbell. This constantly happens day and night. I already contacted Ring once before and gave the access to my recordings which proved this. See attached for photos you requested. (Note that Ring only allows us to attach only 2 photos.) Please resolve this issue. Seems like many people have the same issue. Is there a design flaw, or did we all get defective devices?


Thank you for replying. It seems there are alot of people with this same issue.

I have had my doorbell installed now for 3 weeks. I have attempted every setting with no changes. I simply do not get alerts even though there has been a ton of activity in front of my camera.

I have zipped up my screenshots because this forum only allows two attachments per post.

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Mine is just the opposite. I have the peephole one and I’ve had to turn the motion way back or it gets everything. Maybe it’s because mine sits on the door itself at about 18" higher than a doorbell. I don’t know if this could be part of your problem, I doubt it but I have the ring app on my phone and iPad. So when I open door to let in fresh air I have to silence motion on both devices before it stops the motion.

Ring Admins and Jennifer - Is anyone going to help us? Multiple people have the same issue and we have no solution to a faulty product.

Hey neighbors! Thank you for sharing different examples of what your Live View looks like with how your Motion Settings are set. Important factors to consider when looking at your Motion Settings will include how high your motion sensitivity is and the actual placement of the camera.

All our Doorbells are recommended to be installed at 48 inches high and therefore if you have the placement height off, this can affect motion detection. In addition, if you have the sky in your photo and the front porch is cut off, you may want to get a Wedge Kit installed behind the Doorbell to angle it more downward for more optimal motion detection. The same will go for when your Doorbell may face an odd angle or part of the wall, you may want to install a Corner Kit in order to get a better angle for the camera’s FOV.

Whenever your Doorbell is not detecting motion like it should, it’s recommended to play with the Motion Settings, like the Motion Sensitivity which can be adjusted under the Motion Zones for your Device. At MAX sensitivity, the Doorbell should be able to detect motion from approximately 30 ft out, without any obstructions in the way.

In the event you have played with your Motion Settings, the placement of the Doorbell and this has been to no avail and you’re still having missed motion events, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. Feel free to come back to this thread and share any tips and tricks you have done yourself to resolve this concern, or share how the call with support goes! :slight_smile:

I got the motion detection fixed by calling support.

The good news was that I was not on hold for very long. The engineer I spoke to had to call me back after a few hours, but he did follow up and he did a great job.

He went through all of the steps and he identifed that even after a factory reset that the problem persisted. He had a replacement sent to me and it now works.

Now I have a problem with the new unit that the battery won’t charge more than 4% eventhough it’s hardwired. I heard that is a firmware problem and I plan on calling back to get that fixed by downgrading the firmware.


Hello Community,

Has anyone had any luck with this? Two months ago, I called Ring support. The first rep spent over an hour having me change settings, ended up with no solution (except to increase it to max sensitivity and live with picking up street noise) and suggested that she transfer me to advanced support. I spent over another half hours on the phone with the second rep. The second rep insisted that Ring doorbells are designed to pick up people not cars. He had no answer to why my Ring doorbell picks up cars driving by on the street but not cars pulling in and backing out of my driveway. His only suggestion was to mount the doorbell to point the camera down although my driveway is flat (no hills or steps). When I asked to try a replacement doorbell, he wouldn’t allow it as my doorbell was out of warranty. Only when I pointed out that I had contacted several Ring several times starting from over a year ago, he reluctantly agreed as a one-time courtesy. I got the replacement doorbell and have installed it. Not sure if it was a coincidental but now the app has Advanced Motion Detection zones. I’ve tried adjusting the zone settings and sensitivity several times. However, I still have the same problem that it’s still hit and miss whether it picks up cars pulling in and backing out of my driveway. It also continues to start recording only after delivery people are walking away and misses them walking up to the door.

Motion dectector continues to suck!