Motion Detector Question

I’m am really close to purchasing a Ring Alarm system but need some clarification on the motion detector dwell time. My home has a fairly open floor plan and A LOT of windows. It’s more effective to cover this open area with a motion detector rather than putting sensors on each and every window. My concern is what I’m reading about a “3 minute” dwell time of no motion in order to arm the system. In the process of exiting the house motion would absolutly be seen. Do you really need to wait 3 minutes before being able to arm the system for away after seeing motion? If so, this is probably a deal breaker. Please tell me this isn’t so, I don’t want to have to go back to a big box alarm company.

Bumping and following up. Surely someone has the answer. I’m concerned about this review on amazon…

Even if your alarm is not set the motion detector is working tracking motions. It will only track motion once and waits 3 minutes and resets itself to start monitoring again. I have these in my family room and kitchen to protect big open areas. WELL … If you walk past a motion sensor within 3 minutes of leaving your house your alarm will not set because of active motion… You have to use the phone app and wait the full 3 minutes after you leave to set it. It’s not horrible just cant believe a company like AMAZON wouldnt have this fixed.

Can anyone with the system confirm? I just want to be able to arm my system on the way out of the house…

Great question @coachsay! If you arm your Ring Alarm before the Motion Detector has cleared (is still detecting motion), the Motion Detector will be armed and will not be bypassed. Ring Alarm is smart enough to know that as you exit your home you may trigger the Motion Detector, and you should not be confused with an intruder. After you leave your home and movement stops, the Motion Detector will clear as expected and be ready to detect movement. Any motion that is detected at that point will trigger the Alarm.

We recommend using both Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors to create a ring of security around your home. By using Contact Sensors at every entry point around your home, any intruder would be detected and set off the Alarm after your customizable Entry Delay. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Could you please clarify: does this item record video as a Ring doorbell does when activated? Thanks!

@Momofsdg The Motion Detector for the Ring Alarm Home Security System does not have a camera, and therefore does not record the motion, but will make a record of the event in the event history, showing as motion detected at said time and date.