Motion detector placement questions

Hi all,

I am going to setup a new ring alarm and was wondering about the placement of motion sensors… the question I have is this. In my ideal location, there is a “decorative chain” that my wife has hanging from the ceiling about 16 inches out from the corner I was planning on placing the sensor.

My wife put it there “for a reason” so moving it will be an issue for her, and hence, me. Will a thin - maybe 1/4 inch wide decorative chain that does not ever move or twist throw off the motion sensor? Or should I just start looking for an alternative location for the sensor?

thanks! Chris

Hi @chrisrose98. Happy wife, happy life…am I right?! LOL. I would personally look for an alternate location. If it is unknown whether this chain would set off the Motion Detector, I would avoid it. I wouldn’t want you to place it there and then have it cause false alarms. That could be scary! I hope this information helps!