Motion Detector picks up 20lb dog

My motion detector, in low mode, still picks up my dog. I am wondering if there is any advice to avoid this?

Currently my motion detector is by an entryway as well as stairs. I’m not sure if the detector goes off when my dog goes up or down the stairs, so if its a known issue, let me know.

Otherwise, any tips of ensuring motion detection does’t pick up on an animal?

Hey @esender. Just to ensure it may not be anything else other than the dog triggering the false motion detection, could take a picture of what the motion sensor is looking at? For example, you’ll just hold your phone camera up, preferably just in front of the motion sensor, and take a picture of what’s in front of it, as if it were the motion detector taking the picture! I would love to see what all the motion detector seems to see to see what could be causing this. :slight_smile:

Okay I have two motion detectors. I believe its the one which looks at the stairs that keeps firing off, but I’ll include both:

@esender Thank you for those pictures! A couple questions for you. Has the false alarm from the motion sensor ever actually set off your alarm, or triggered it to go into an entry delay? If this was in the past 30 days and recently, if you go into the event history for the Base Station, and look at that day, you will see “Entry delay caused by…” or “Ring is alarming from…” and then the name of the sensor! If you find you have had false alarms from both sensors, I may have an explanation as to why!

First, I recommend to check out our Ring Help Center Article here, which goes into a bit more detail on why you 20 pound dog can still trigger the alarm on the lowest settings. In general, it’s the same situation I’m running into. I have two 10-20 pound cats that run around the house like crazy day and night. They also run up and down cat towers, similar to stairs. I’ve found that my larger cat likes to set off my alarm, especially at night when I’m in home mode, cause he’s having his nightly marathon practice around my home. Even on the lowest settings, since his heat signature is such a rapid change in the environment, the motion sensor is set off. I personally had to eliminate the motion sensors, as there was no area in my house that they couldn’t accidentally set it off from (I live in an apartment so maybe saying “house” doesn’t help with being realistic :joy_cat: ).

In addition, I’ve found windows can set it off too! It seems both pictures show you have rather large windows, so if you ever experience times when the alarm is set off from “motion detection” at either of these, it could be from light hitting the window hard (if the blinds are not closed). My aunt loves to leave the blinds opened on some windows and has found that sometimes the windows attracting all the heat can set it off too!

Regardless, if you find that motion is being detected and setting off the alarm for both sensors, you may want to relocate them, or just repurpose to contact sensors on any windows/doors you need secured in addition. I have a feeling just the motion sensor looking right at the stairs may be the problem child one, since if your dog ever runs up and down those stairs, it would surely set it off, even on low, just like how my cats set it off as well. Hope this helps clear it up for you, especially me speaking from personal experience! :slight_smile: