Motion Detector or Contact Sensor old windows

I am installing a new alarm system and have very old casement windows. Before I order more contact sensors I am worried these would not detect if someone breaks the old single pane glass to enter. Am I better to have 1 motion detector to cover the rooms with the windows? I would need 3 contact sensors per room for all opening windows. Any advantages to contact sensors? Thanks, I have not used a Ring Alarm before so want to be sure before ordering more items.

Hi @user42695. We have installation tips and some photo examples for the Contact Sensor here, which may be helpful. Essentially, when the two parts of the Contact Sensor are moved apart from each other, it will register that door or window as open and trigger the Alarm if the system is armed. It’s up to you if you’d prefer to use three Contact Sensors on those windows, or use a Motion Detector above the windows to overlook the room. I do want to note that it’s not recommended to have the Motion Detector directly face windows, as the glass can cause false alarms.