Motion Detector Not Working

Changed name of WiFi device. Ring 2 (device is hardwired) would not detect motion. Consequently, I did a complete setup again (including Motion Zones and adjusted Motion Sensitivity to Maximum). After complete setup, motion still not detected. When doorbell is rung, doorbell does record video. However, as mentioned, without doorbell being rung, no motion is detected when motion is made in motion zone. Lastly, my Samsung S9 is setup to automatically install app updates, so I do have the latest update. Before changing WiFi name, motion detector always worked since initial install in February 2019.

Hi there, @wmamills! Did you change the name of the device reporting on your router, or did you change the SSID for your Wifi network? When changing the ssid for your wifi network, a new setup should certainly get your Ring device reconnected and operating as intended. You may need to readjust your motion and other settings. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: