Motion Detector Height - Compensating for higher than optimal?


I need to install a Motion detector and had a question about compensating for a height that is higher than optimal. It will be in a corner as recommended, but unfortunately it can only be ~8’ 6" high. I have both a Gen 1 and Gen 2 and can pick which one to install in this location.

The question is - can I compensate for the increased height by angling it slightly down? Gen 1 optimal height is 7’ while Gen 2 is 7’ 6". I presume Gen 2 would be better? I have reviewed the documentation on the coverage pattern of Gen 1 (don’t think this is available for Gen 2?). The problem with increased height would be loss of coverage near the sensor. It seems that tilting it down a bit could solve that? Thanks.

Hi @njarwala. This Help Center article here goes over proper placement for the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Motion Detector for the Ring Alarm system. I would not recommend angling the Motion Detector downwards, as this could adversely affect its ability to properly detect motion. I hope this information helps!

Tom, could you link to the article you referred to? Thanks!

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Hi @njarwala . I’ve included the link in my original post. I apologize for forgetting to put it in there the first time! :smiley: