Motion Detector false alarm - spiders and insects?

I’ve read numerous posts about the motion detector false alarms, their potential causes, and factory reset solutions.
However, I’m having this issue at my vacation home, so I’m unable to perform a factory reset locally.
Is it possible that having a spider or some insect crawl directly over the PIR sensor could trigger the alarm as it does the cameras?

Hi @PennValley. Yes, a spider or other small insect crawling right on the Motion Detector could definitely trigger a false alarm. Other common sources are reflective surfaces, windows, vents, or heat sources. If all of your doors and windows on the vacation home are secured with Contact Sensors, you could adjust your Mode settings so that Motion Detector isn’t monitored. Once you check the Motion Detector in person, you can set it to be monitored again.

Something i found out recently. If you place conkers (horse chestnut) close by, spiders will not go near them. For some odd reason, spiders do not like the smell and stay away.

I now do similar when working. I place conkers (horse chestnuts) inside advertising units because they look like a horror movie set with webs. Only thing i will have to do is replace them when they start to go bad but i’ll cross that bridge when i come to it.