Motion Detector false alarm problem

I have two motion sensors one mounted in the entry way which is find but I have one in the family room with a lot of windows. I mount that motion sensor right below the hardwired motion sensor that came with our house. I bought my Ring alarm system since October of 2022 and it was working fine. But this past week, the family room motion sensor has set the alarm off 4 times. Once on Tuesday and 3 times on Wednesday. I have set the sensitivity to low but but the motion sensor in the family room went off again when I was away. Is my motion sensor faulty?

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Hi @Tony617. I’d suggest checking to see if there’s anything in the room that may be triggering a false alarm on the Motion Detector. You mentioned there are a lot of windows in the room. If the Motion Detector is facing these windows, and you draw the curtains or open the blinds, this could increase the chance of a false alarm due to how PIR motion detection works. You can also find some false alarm tips here, and some setup and placement tips here.

We do not have any blinds in the family room at all but I placed it right below original motion detector that came installed in out house by the home builder. I installed everything in October of 2022 and had not issues at all until mid-April of 2023. I have a glass breakage detector in the family room and the outside door I have a contact entry detector so I am just not going to use the motion sensor in the family room.

I also just got a false alarm. They had been working fine for a year beforehand. Has the firmware changed recently?

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Hi @mikelward. If you have gone through the recommended steps in the solution and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I have the same issue with two motion detectors now. One failed 2 mos ago and the other one just triggered the alarm last night. Total false alarms. Both were just over a year old. I already replaced the first one because it sucks getting woke up with an intruder alarm 2x. Both installed per ring specs no issue for the first yr. Do these only have a year shrlf life. If so that is BS. Now im replacing the other one

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