Motion Detector and Kids

I want to set up my indoor motion detector at night, but my son tends to wake up before us. is there a way to set it up to run for a specific time frame? Is there anyway to prevent from him setting off the alarm when he wakes up and is walking through the house in the morning?

Good question @mommajdkd! In short, there is not a way to schedule the arming and disarming of your Ring Alarm. By default, home mode is intended for arming while remaining in the home and will only arm exterior, or entry door, sensors. As you stated, you can certainly add Sensors and Motion Detectors to that mode, but they will trigger the same.

If the area for this Motion Detector is a frequent path for your son to take at night, this might lead to false alarms. As a possible solution, you could set an entry delay and ensure there is a Keypad readily available, this way if anyone in the home does set off the Motion Detector in the middle of the night, they will have a little time to reach the Keypad and disarm/re-arm. Integrating an Alexa device for voice commands could also work here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’ve gone over the code with him, and our Alexa is conmected so hopefully that will work.

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