Motion detection-

Since a week I’m the owner of of few outdoor cameras. Installed them and become
Disappointed :pensive:

The motion detection seems too sensitive, wven in the less sensitive mode and person detection enabled within the advanced setting.

When a spider is creating a web in front of the camera, all the motion enabled features like recording and turn on the lights are enabled as well.

This is a unwanted feature. Hope this can improve soon

Hi @Remco74. Sorry to hear you haven’t enjoyed your Ring Cameras so far, but sometimes it may take a bit of trial and error with adjusting the settings to find what works best for your home. Everyone’s home and environment is different, so different settings may be needed. I will point out that it can be difficult to prevent the motion detection from triggering when something like a spider is right in front of the Camera, these are typically things that can’t be controlled for. You can read more about the motion detection settings in our Help Center Article here, and I recommend making adjustments and testing them out until you find the sweet spot of what works best for you. :slight_smile:

The tips in the article referenced do not the trick

For example; I enable person only, but when a cat is in the area record is started

For motion light it is even more worse; I have set it to the smallest area, but the light is flickering all the time. Why is there no option to turn on the light when the camera has detect motion instead of the motion sensor! This as the camera can be set to certain area to record only when motion is detected .

In addition, it should be useful to assign schedules to motion area’s configured . So during night a wider area can be controlled then during day