Motion detection

My door bell detectes motion but nothing is theres. What causes this?

Hi @dragoon10. What kind of Doorbell do you have? Different devices that we have will have different types of motion detection, so knowing what device you have will help out the neighbors assisting in the Community! Additionally, if you could share a link of the video where there is no motion but you had an event trigger, this would also help us decide what may have happened in your case. :slight_smile:

My doorbell was in our kitchen charging and at 11:45pm when we were in bed we got a notification saying someone is at your door? What could have cause this as it’s freaking me out a bit?

@Ashg Since the Doorbell uses PIR motion detection, it could have been set off from a heat signature in your kitchen. For it also being in your kitchen, the appliances may be letting off a certain amount of heat that triggered it, or any heater coming on at night could also do this as well.

Additionally, since this sounds like a motion notification, if you have an active subscription, you can also look back at this video recording to see if there was anything in sight that set it off. If not, going off of the hunch of it being something heat related from your kitchen could make the most sense!

The Doorbells are not designed for in-home use, which can thus trip the motion detector falsely.


Thank you for your response, that puts me at ease a bit as I hadn’t thought of that. Can you turn off the notifications while it is charging? Thanks

@Ashg No worries, glad I could help! Also, you sure can. If you go into the Ring app > Devices and select your Doorbell, just make sure to turn off Ring and Motion alerts. That way it isn’t going off while you’re charging. Make sure to turn these back on once you’re done though. :slight_smile:

I have the regular $99 ring doorbell (chargeable). The wi-fi is fine. I’ve had to move it numerous times. I’ve moved it from the door, which wouldn’t pick up anything. Moved it to my shed, which was too high. I now have it about 2-3 feet from the ground. It is constantly going off, when nothing is happening. I can also walk by it and I do not get notified. I have the Pro at my front door which works perfectly.

@LLRT Looks like you may be running into a concern with how low the Doorbell is positioned. We recommend the Doorbell to be at least 48 inches off of the ground in order to properly detect motion. You can learn more about this in our Ring Help Center Article here.