Motion detection zone set but ignored.

I have set up motion detection on my Doorbell 3 Plus but I keep getting motion detection indication for zone that are not selected (when my neighbors park their car).

is there anything that need to be done (I can create a privacy zone for this but that is also defeating the purpose of having motion detection zone).

Hey @GuillaumeB. If possible, would you be able to attach a screenshot of how you have your Motion Zones configured? This will help the Community offer suggestions on how to optimize your Motion Detection. Also, we have a great Community Article on Motion Settings that could benefit you!

I gave this same issue. The street is about 50 from
Our Ring 2 doorbell. I have the customized range set for half of that or less. I also have the vudeo processing option to better detect motion (with it’s several second delay) turned in.

I still get 5+ false alerts a day from vehicles on the street (usually delivery vans or school buses but not always.
I am afraid if I reduce the zones any further, it will not pickup someone by our cars😤.

Suggestions appreciated.

Hi there, @Bergie! Are those stairs leading up to this entryway? As this looks to be an elevated entry area, a highly recommended solution for this scenario is a Wedge Kit. This will allow you to angle your Doorbell physically downwards, thus expanding your adjustment abilities. In most cases, this should help you to avoid facing the street directly, and allow you to use more of your zone and motion preferences. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: