Motion Detection zone doesn't fill screen

I have a stickup cam protecting my campervan. The default motion detection zone doesn’t cover the whole of the visible live view screen as can be seen in this combined screenshot. Is there any way of extending that zone vertically?

The top view is the live view, and the bottom view is the extent I can edit the motion detection zone. The photo has not been cropped, that’s a screenshot of the extent on my editing area, and I can’t drag the zone any higher.

Hi @Beara. You are seeing this because the field of view that the camera sees is greater than the field of view that the motion detection is capable of. The Motion Zone will only allow you to create a zone within the area where the motion detection is capable of detection.

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Ok, that makes sense, thank you

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No problem, @Beara! Happy to help clear things up.

That may be the reason, but it’s not a good enough reason for me. The motion zones need to be everywhere the camera sees. This is a very annoying shortcoming of the product.