Motion Detection will not enable in the app

The battery on our ring doorbell (1st Gen hardwired) ran down to 0%. I’m assuming it’s because it is very cold out. We removed the device and charged it to full. It’s now secured back into it’s cradle by the front door. Device health shows it at 100% and it says the firmware is up to date. We have a good wifi connection.

My problem is that the Motion Detection and Motion alerts will not turn back on. When I tap the button to enable it, it shows me the 3 zones and it shows them all as being ‘On’. I hit save in the upper right corner and it goes back to the previous app page but the switch does not turn on for Motion Detection.

Live view on the doorbell works but the thing is useless if it isn’t going to give me motion detection or motion alerts. I need this device to help protect against porch pirates!

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If you are using Android apps, try clearing the app’s cache first. If that doesn’t fix it then try clearing the storage which should prompt you to re-login as if you were setting up from scratch.
If you are using an iOS app then I presume you can do something similar.

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I tried clearing the cache and that didn’t do it. Then tried clearing storage and that also didn’t work.

It has the red circle with the line through the record symbol. When you tap it it says that Motion Detection is Disabled and has the button to enable. I hit enable and it shows that the 3 motion zones are on. But then back at the main screen it still shows the Motion Detection as being disabled.

Though when I go into advanced settings and set a custom motion zone that does seem to work? This is very strange.

Maybe try to turn off any Motion customizations you’ve done, such as the zones, and go with the defaults. Reboot your phone, then try and go in again and see if at least you can enable Motion Detection with the defaults. If yes, then try to set it up with the zones again. If not, then I’m not sure. Maybe someone else can chime in with other suggestions.
Another possibility is to reset the doorbell. That’ll set you back to square one as if you just bought it. So I’d recommend that as a very last resort.

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I had the same issue. I just figured mine out. In the app, open up the device. Go to motion settings. Go to advanced settings. Go to advanced motion detection. Turn on advanced motion detection. Click continue. Adjust motion zones. Add as many zones as you want. I just made one big zone for the entire screen. Click done and save. Advanced motion detection should be turned on with the slider showing blue. Back out to the device or dashboard, and it should now be displaying as usual. Motion detection should be on and motion alerts should be on. If that did not work, follow the above steps again, but turn off motion schedules.

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