Motion Detection - When Turned off, Does it Affect Other Users?

I am the owner of said ring doorbell. If I turn motion detection OFF in the app on my phone, will it turn it off for the other users too? If so, will they be notified?

yes that is correct. they will not be notified since the motion detection is off. if you turn off motion alerts on your phone, you’ll not be alerted if there is a motion but you can see recordings, as per other users they can received alerts if there is a motion being detected if you did not TURN OFF motion detection


Ok thanks for the info. And yes— I know that if I turn Motion Alerts off on my app, other users will still get them if theirs are still on.

But if I turn Motion Detection off, it sounds like not only will I not receive any alerts of motion being detected (since I turned off detection not just alerts) but that other users will also not receive any notifications about motion… yes?

And—other users won’t get a notification that I’ve turned motion detection off, right?

that is correct. if motion detection is off. no one will get alert for motion since we turned off motion detection. other user will not be notified if you turn it off but they can see it on their ring app that its turn off and they do not have the option to turn it on.

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Another question for the topic. If I am a shared user of the ring doorbell and I turn the motion alerts off does that also affect everyone else? Or is it just when the owner or admin does it? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Lewingdoorbell96. Adjusting settings like Motion Alerts will only affect you and the device you are using, and not other users. Shared Users can toggle off Motion Alerts on their device if they wish. You can learn more about Shared Users here. :slight_smile:

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