Motion detection stopped working

Our 2nd Gen doorbell has been working fine for the past week, now the past two days the motion detection is not working. The device is still virtually fully-charged, has not had any impacts to it or anything like that, nor have any of the settings been changed. The live view is working fine, but the blue light is not on the device and motion stopped working. Can anyone please assist as I can’t find anything that answers this - thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @user444888. Check that you do not have motion detection disabled within the Modes settings. Then review your Motion Zones to ensure they still cover the areas you want. I’d also suggest walking in front of the Doorbell to trigger a motion event and test whether it is picked up or not.

If it is not picking up your test motion event, you can reboot the Doorbell by using the reboot option on the Device Health page. Should this concern persist, you can follow up with our support team for more in-depth assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

We have had the same motion detection diminished after dark and reduced by appx. 50% since the last update. All replies from Ring have stated this problem has been solved, however the community has not seen a true remedial course of action either via post reply or an update to solve this issue.

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