Motion Detection Stopped Working, Then Started Working

Yesterday we had a party with people/cars coming and going. Last night my history shows motion at 8:43PM. Then I got nothing until after 1AM. In that 4 hour span everybody left, but the Ring recorded nothing. After 1AM it started recording again.

This morning it seems fine. No settings have been modified. What could’ve happened?

Was it inadvertently put on snooze? Do you have a schedule set? Did your wifi go down and you didn’t notice?

This has happened to my Doorbell Pro 2 twice in as many weeks. Detects motion but randomly doesnt upload the activity for later viewing. Wifi is fine (or it wouldnt have detected the motion in the first place) and Ring service status was green. Fixed itself just as quick as the issue started. Sorry, not much help but you’re not alone with such issues.