Motion detection stopped working on all my ring security cams

I have 4 ring security cams with advanced motion detection settings that were working fine but out of the blue all 4 cams stopped picking up motion sometime after 5pm PST last night — I’m not having any issues getting on “live view” and all 4 device health checks are showing fully charged batteries/power with no issues. Also checked that motion snooze was not enabled or cam home/always settings were not changed. Please send troubleshooting recommendations and suggestions - this problem is so odd, I’m at a total loss. FYI … I’m unable to perform a hard reset as these cams are all at a remote location … is there a way to reset the cams in the app? Thanks in advance!

Hi @Mochipark. Have you tested the motion detection to determine that it’s not working? I know you mentioned that the Cameras are in a remote location, so I’m not sure if you were testing the motion at all to determine that it isn’t registering motion. As for resetting the Cams, this cannot be done in the Ring App or remotely, as it requires the setup button on the device itself to be pressed. There’s not much troubleshooting that can be done if you’re not near the device as you can’t test any changes made or steps taken to see if they were successful.