Motion detection range is too long. Too much event activity is recorded

Initial set up of Ring doorbell Pro 2 worked well with 1.5 meter motion detection range for video recording for event history. I live in a terraced house with pavement less than 2 meters from the front door, where Ring doorbell is located.
I had to reset ring doorbell after changing WiFi modem. Event history now records all people passing on the pavement, plus all passing vehicles.
1.5 meter motion detection range seems to have been changed on the app to ‘minimum’, but ‘minimum’ range is several meters… Hence my problem
Can anyone telll me how to change settings on Ring app, to reduce motion detection range back to 1.5 meters, which worked well?

Hi @user28530. You can find all of the available motion settings for the Video Doorbell Pro 2 underneath the 3D Motion Settings tab in the Ring app. I’d recommend changing the Motion Zones and Motion Sensitivity to begin with, though I’m not sure where you’re seeing an exact meter range, as that isn’t listed under these settings. The Smart Alerts options may also help refine the motion alerts you’re receiving, so it’s worth checking those settings out and doing a little trial and error to see what works best. I hope this helps. :slight_smile: