Motion detection over sensitive

Motion detection
Over sensitive
My ring doorbell 2nd gen is not working correctly , I have set the motion detector zone and the doorbell still picks up movement outside of that zone , I have reset numerous times but it still picks up cars people animals etc no matter what I try …

I’ve concluded that motion abilities of my ring doorbell can not be used in any dependable way. Last time I had them enabled I, literally, had events of a butterfly every 15 seconds or so. Then of course there is the issue of recordings only occurring within a few feet of the device even if the ‘zone’ goes out meters.

Hi there, neighbors! As each environment varies from another, fine tuning motion to your area will look much different per home. Zones, sensitivity, people only mode, or scheduling options that might work for others, may not fit your environment. The best method for obtaining optimal motion detection is through trial and error. Keep in mind that nearby vehicles can let off a large heat source which can be detected easily, even if outside of a zone. In addition to settings, the physical mounting angle of your Video Doorbell might be equally important for fine tuning motion detection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: