Motion detection off

I have several indoor cameras all tied into the Ring alarm which works fine. Recently, when i get up in morning/home from work i switch the alarm off from keypad the cameras are still recording with motion detection on. If i walk past a camera to go upstairs it starts recording me and i dont want this.
Before, when i turned the alarm off from keypad, Alexa or phone everything went off which is what i want.
Yes, i can turn the motion detection off from my phone but a warning tells me it will be reactivated when i turn on then off next time.
I know this might not seem like im talking sense but im sorry. Im recovering from a stroke and typing takes ages.
Any replies keep it simple!

Hi @Zeb1. If you change the Mode in the Ring app, do your Cameras still record and detect motion? Try verifying the motion detection and recording options under the Modes settings for your Cameras to ensure that they are set to behave how you want in each Mode. It’s possible that these settings may have been accidentally changed or adjusted, so it’s worth verifying them.

If i change to ‘home’ mode, the cameras continue to detect motion & record. It never used to be like this so something has changed and i didn’t do it.

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I’ve had to type an addition.

When i disarm the alarm the cameras continue to monitor for movement and record. It never used to do this and i have not changed any settings. Yes i can manually switch the movement sensors off but it never used to be like this and this is annoying the hell out of me.

Before, when i disarmed it EVERYTHING was disabled.

Hi @Zeb1. For Home Mode, Indoor cameras don’t detect motion or provide video or snapshots. Doorbells and outdoor Cams work as normal. Is the camera you are mentioning listed as an indoor or outdoor Cam? If possible, share a screenshot of your Mode Settings so we can better assist you in making the necessary adjustments. Thanks, neighbor.

See if these screenshots work which show what i on about.

As you can see, when disarmed or in home mode the cameras continue to monitor and record. The cameras are all indoor and i have not changed any settings.

Ring have changed the settings without asking me first.

You still haven’t answered the question, what are the settings CURRENTLY for your Home mode and its specific cameras?
Settings can get reset due to any number of causes. Pointing blame at this point isn’t going to help figure out why it currently isn’t working as you want.

How do i see that? You need to be aware i am recovering from a stroke and dont think as clearly as others.

Hi @Zeb1. Thank you for providing the screenshots. It appears that you do not have your Mode Settings configured correctly. This steps in this Help Center article here will show you how to do this.

  • Open the Ring app.
  • Tap the three-lines the upper-right corner
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Enable Modes.
  • Tap the mode you want to configure.
  • Set how you want your devices to behave in that mode.

Let me know if this helps!