Motion detection not working

I have the battery stick up security cameras and they are not detecting motion. I installed inside looking out the windows and they are not detecting motion. I tried to turn the cameras around to detect inside and still not picking up motion. I went through all the steps and community help and still nothing. Anyone have an suggestions?

Hey @mariaemolina86. Thanks for coming to the Community to check on your concern! Happy to help clear this up for you. The Stick Up Camera, along with the Indoor Cam, while they can be placed inside the home, they are not designed to look through a window to the outside of your home. This is because the IR filter on the device to help with Night Vision will distort the image and normally wash it out. In addition, the PIR sensor is detecting changes in heat signatures, which it is unable to do so through a window. You will need to find a placement for the camera to look outside, somewhere on the near outside. I had an Aunt that wanted to do a similar thing, and she ended up mounting the camera on the window’s edge outside. :slight_smile: