Motion Detection not working

The motion detection feature on my Ring Doorbell is only occasionally working when the doorbell button isn’t pushed (packages dropped off, etc). I’ve checked and re-checked the zones and made sure the distance reader is fully extended…still, nothing when I walk in front of it. Any thoughts??

Hey @Sconway55. What is your Motion Frequency set to, as well as what does your Live View look like, when you have the maxed out Motion Zones settings?

Hi Chelsea, thanks for the reply. Motion frequency is set to frequent. Live View faces a wall, about 15 ft of space between where the ring is and the wall on the other side.

@Sconway55 Do you have a screenshot of your Live View so I can see what you’re describing? In the settings for the Motion Zones, do you have the slide all the way out/at Max for the sensitivity? Also, is this the Ring Video Doorbell 1st Gen?

Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for staying on the case. Screenshots attached. Not sure what Gen it is, it’s about 2.5 years old.

Hey @Sconway55, happy to continue to help! How high is the device mounted? It looks to be mounted fairly low, but want to make sure it’s at least 4 feet high. In addition, you may actually want to turn down the sensitivity, as at max it’s supposed to be looking 20-30 ft out, and the wall is fairly close. I would say you should turn it down to the half way point, and see if this helps as well. In addition, if you’re able to reposition the Doorbell completely so that it faces out the same view as your front door, you should see improvement in the motion detection!