Motion Detection Not Consistent - Change Sensitivity?

My company just installed a Video Doorbell Gen 3 I believe. It is set with a gate and keypad outside linking to a chime inside the building.

For the most part it works as intended. It reads most cars coming through but now and then it won’t read a vehicle as it enters our parking lot. I figured maybe I just need to adjust the sensitivity but if that is the case, I cannot find where the sensitivity options are.

On top of that question one should keep in mind I have had to transfer ownership of the device account to my boss, so it has been shared with me but I didn’t know if him being the owner prevents me from changing that setting.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @tzaharia79. You will not be able to see the settings to adjust your Ring Video Doorbell 3 if you are not logged in under the owner email. Only the owner can make adjustments. I would suggest looking at the Motion Frequency and the Motion Settings to optimize performance. I hope this helps!