Motion detection not always working lately

Video doorbell 2 -

Over at least the last 2 + weeks my doorbell is NOT notifying me of ALL people motions. Sometimes it works just fine. Most of the time the recording/notifying is delayed… like the mail carrier… they drop and run… by the time I get the notification I have no idea who was at my door and the recording starts too late. Sometimes it just doesn’t tell me anyone has been near my front door at all. My doorbell is hardwired to my old doorbell, so no worries about a battery issue… I have had no issues with my doorbell until now. My settings are correct… I’m not getting motions from anyone on the sidewalk… but, it isn’t recording or anything about 1/2 the time when someone is right at my front door.

I am having the same issues! Not sure what is causing delay!

I get several false notifications of motion detected and when I click on the link it says “an error occurred trying to perform the operation. Try again.” I will get 3 or 4 notifications all with the same time stamp or one minute later. I have an original Ring Doorbell on the battery. I emailed more than a week ago and have not received a response.

I’m glad it seems to be an everyone thing and not just me! I don’t get people alerts AT ALL anymore, and that kind of defeats the purpose of this device for me. I don’t need to know when cars go by that are in zones I TURNED OFF. I want to know when someone’s near my door!

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