Motion Detection Issues

First, I have 3 solar spotlight cams. They are all set to watch for a person in order to be triggered - which sometimes they do. They also still get triggered by birds, branches , etc., which I don’t want. Contacted app help and found that help instructions don’t match the android app. Also found that chat won’t answer setup questions. Tried reading the previous community support topics, but just see people being told repeatedly to take steps they’ve already said don’t work for them. Last, found out that calling support results in a 45 minute minimum wait. These cameras were not cheap to buy, but support certainly seems difficult to obtain. Starting to wonder if I’ve made a mistake with Ring when I have to jump through this many hoops to get what should be a simple question answered.

P.S. I have the android app installed on 2 Galaxy 9 phones and 1 Galaxy tablet, and have also tried deleting and reinstalling the app to see if I needed/got and upgraded version. Nope.

Hi @rnewing1174 !

Sorry to hear about the wait time – normally our support is 24/7, but due to COVID-19 we are taking extra measures to protect the team and help reduce the spread. You can learn more, here.

Could you please tell me what Support Article does not match the current Android App? I’ll have the team review asap!

In regards to your posts topic, motion, it’s best if you could please share a screen shot of how you have your motion zones and the field of view your camera obtains. Please note, angles and how you have it installed definitely plays part in how your device detects motion. Have you also taken a look at this article written by @Riley_Ring ? This helps explain how your device senses motion.