Motion Detection issue

My ring spotlight cam battery has motion alerts in its history, but when I click it nothing happens. It doesn’t have this > to the right of the alert either.

Thanks for the image example, @mkstretch! They should certainly play, as long as this device is subscribed. Please double check on your Protect Plan status via the Ring app, or at I recommend also double checking that you are logged in as owner in the Ring app, and viewing the desired location from the location drop down at the top of your Ring app dashboard.

As a test, if you log in at and view your recording history there, are these events playable?

I’m unable to play the video at Also the times of the motion alerts between the app and are different

Sorry to hear about this @mkstretch! It looks like our team reported a matter around this time that might have been related to this concern. As reflected on the video playback report has been listed as Resolved as of Apr 7, 00:46 UTC (5:40 PM PST).

If you are still experiencing this concern, please try accessing your videos via the Ring app to ensure they are playing back properly there. Please also ensure there is not a vpn enabled on devices you are using to playback video. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Oh really? I turned off advanced motion for the backyard camera on April 13 and everthing was working fine again. I’m not sure if it was just coincidence with your issue or not.

this is what has started happening to me, its another ring mystery

I’ve noticed on my battery Spotlight Cams that the icon for motion events where the camera does not detect a person changed from the running person icon to three arrows. Ever since that happened some of the motion events with that icon do not have video associated. The events that don’t have video seem to be random.