Motion detection is not working

My Ring Doorbell motion detection is not working, I can hear the click on the device and see the infrared LED led on the ring when there is motion, but it’s not recording and not sending any notification.
I tried to reset the device and add it again as a new one, but still the same problem.
Can anyone help, please?


Hey @mustafarasheed. It looks like one our neighbors on this post here has some great information of Motion Detection. I would check out what they have to say and see if that information can help you.

Hi Tom,

I just want to update you about this problem, yesterday Ring started to work normally, without me doing anything more, I just suddenly started to receive notification and I could see the video recordings in the cloud. I don’t know how or why.
BTW, My phone has no problem at all, I have the app installed on my wife’s phone and it was not working either.
Thank you again for the follow up


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