Motion detection failure when linked to myQ


It seems that there is a serious security issue with the Ring camera (I have the premium subscription)

I have a camera in my garage that works and detects motion fine but I’ve linked my Ring account to myQ garage opener and when I open my garage now, the ring camera stops recording and detecting motion altogether.

I’ve even checked the recording footage, Ring skips the recording between the time the garage door opens and close (for me it was 2 minutes completely non- recorded) so someone could have opened the garage stole whatever he wants and Ring would not have detected or RECORDED anything.

Hi @amzazi. What is the garage opener that you have, and how did you link it to the Ring App? As long as the Ring Camera is online and maintaining a stable connection, it should record when motion is detected. You may need to check the Motion Frequency setting and adjust it to Frequent if needed.

It’s MyQ smart garage opener. You go to their app and add your ring camera and they connect together.

The bug is when you open the door, the camera will stop recording completely until the door closes.

@amzazi Thanks for the clarification. As Ring is not officially integrated with and does not support MyQ, you would need to contact their customer support directly for further troubleshooting assistance. It’s possible you may need to unlink these devices to ensure that your Ring Camera works properly since this integration is not supported.

@amzazi I’ve had the MyQ for about a month, having linked the Ring shortcut tile in the app. Just last Friday I added a Ring Indoor cam in my garage so I just tested this.

I couldn’t replicate your problem at all. I also have a Ring Stickup Cam (Gen2/wired) right outside of my garage. My garage cam got my door opening, me walking around inside my garage and in my driveway, along with my Stickup Cam and DB Pro. I tested several times, and none of my cameras missed a beat while operating the garage door.

The MyQ really has nothing to do with Ring, so I wouldn’t bother ‘unlinking’ them because they’re not really ‘linked’ per se, in the first place. All that is in the Ring app is a shortcut that opens the MyQ app and nothing more.

Try unplugging/powering down the MyQ hub or device. Operate your garage door with your wall button, or car remote, outside of sight of your Ring cam, and see then if the camera records it.

How close together/nearby is the MyQ hub and the Ring cam? I have my hub about 3 ft from my Ring Indoor cam, both mounted on the ceiling of my garage. If they’re too close in proximity that may introduce wireless interference.

Also, if you’ve not already, I recommend hard-coding a channel on your router. Ring devices (really ALL devices) will perform FAR better if you’ve hard-coded a channel on your router that no nearby neighbors use.

What Ring camera are you using anyway? You never mentioned the model. Start with powering down the MyQ and operating your garage door the old way and see if your camera gets it.

EDIT : I’m reading elswhere that a greater integration with MyQ is rolling out where you will be able to control your garage door from the Ring app. Disregard my above comments how they’re not truly integrated as it seems that shortcut tile will soon be much more than just a shortcut. The rest of my advice still applies, and hope it helps.

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