Motion detection and doorbell does not work while echo show is on live view

Hello, I just purchased the ring doorbell pro and echo show 5 today. So I found out that when my echo show is on live view of the camera, the motion detection (not a big deal) and the doorbell it self (big deal) does not work, both on the phone app and on the echo show. I called costumer support and was confirmed it is normal/ intended.

Is there any future updates that will fix this issue?

Hi there, @sayurasem. When an event is triggered, whether from a motion/ ring or from the Ring app as a live view, its operation and communication is dedicated to that event. Therefore, another event attempt will not register by design, as the feed is being actively viewed live. Adding an additional camera for live view and motion purposes is a great solution to keep your Video Doorbell dedicated to ring events, if desired.

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