Motion detection alerts issue with Android based Ring App

Hi, I am having Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Unit. I have downloaded ring app on my android cell phone. It has been observed that average 60 motion detection alerts per day, I need to reset counter thru settings of android. This is pain area.
I expect there should be feature in app to set no of alerts one should get on his/her cell per day with max cap as 1000 etc. Pl help if anybody has soln to it.

No there’s no limit on the number of notifications.
What you should be asking yourself is whether you get notifications for events you don’t want? If yes, then adjust your settings until you get the right balance.

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Actually I should get more alerts per day like say 500 per day OR ideally no limit. But currently after getting average 60 motion detection alerts, I am resetting the counter thru android setting to get more than 60 alerts per day. This is pain area. Feature to be there for the Customer to put value for alerts per day in app.

Hi @user13947. It sounds like you’re referring to a setting specific to your Android phone about how many notifications a specific app can send you in a certain time frame. The Ring app doesn’t have any limit on the number of notifications you can receive, so there is no setting within the Ring app to adjust regarding a notification limit.

Hi Caitlyn,

Thanks for the response. Ring App may not restrict/limit on no of notifications to be received, but Android probably restricting/allowing no of notifications to be received. Pl ref to the attachment having image indicating no of allowed notifications. And it varies every day. In fact for last 3 weeks, I have noticed variations from 62 to as low as 12 nos. This is issue w.r.t. security of my house thru Ring Scam Spotlight Battery Device. What I want from Ring is to overcome this issue pl.

@user13947 Thanks for sharing that screenshot, which is showing notification settings within your phone’s settings. This is not something that is controlled by the Ring app, as the Ring app does not limit how many notifications you can receive. If you have further questions on what settings and options are available with your phone specifically, I’d recommend following up with your cell phone provider.