Motion detected by headlights and lights with no motion

I know this may sound delusional, but recently we’ve been getting frequent motion notifications at night. The only constant is vehicles going by my house 56’ away from the camera and always dark enough the vehicle the vehicle headlights are on. No detection of motion during daylight when vehicles go by. I have the camera set for minimum sensitivity.
I have two cameras that light up with no motion. It’s ~28deg here so I’m ruling out insects/spiders. And at night, I can rule out birds and squirrels. Video shows nothing that can trigger the motion detector. Sometimes the light is on all night. Usually just a minute or two.
I’ve had these cameras for years. Solutions please.

My front door camera will be triggered by car headlights as well, particularly if raining and the pavement is wet/shiny in front of the car as it approaches.

Its a wired Ring Pro and set to people only mode, but I have a busy sidewalk passing in front of my house with people passing all day long, so I have notifications turned off since I get about 50 hits a day on nice weather days

Many times I will notice multiple events in the list during early AM hours when no one would be walking by the house, and its always a cars lights when raining causing the events when I check the videos

Any place I can get an answer to either of my questions?

Hi @requiredusername. Without seeing how your camera is mounted and the environment around it, it’s difficult to say. I suggest setting a Light Schedule to assist with this. You can also share a recording of a Motion Event to see if the Community can help determine what is happening.