Motion detect doesnt work

For over a week now my Ring 3 battery doorbell is almost never detecting motion. I have the people only mode turned on and still nothing. Doorbell and live view work but no motion sense. Thankfully I have dogs to tell me when packages arrive (and people or dogs dare to use the public road, or that there’s a bunny in the yard) otherwise I’d be subject to porch pirates who would go undetected thanks to Rings failure. I’ve confirmed wifi is connected and all settings are accurate.

@QueSeraSara How high is the Ring doorbell mounted?

About 4 feet up? I dunno it seemed right when I hung it. Have had no troubles for over a year until now. Suddenly notta.

Hi @QueSeraSara. Thanks for sharing that picture. It looks like there may be a step or two leading up to your door. With this in mind, I suggest angling the Doorbell down using a Wedge Kit. This will put the prime Motion Detection zone pointing to where it works best. You can find a Wedge Kit for your Doorbell here. I hope this helps.