Motion chimes

Not sure I’m using the right words in my topic, but here goes. When I first setup my Ring doorbell it was making a noise when someone walked past it in the zone. I use a Bluetooth earpiece and could hear it with that. Now all of a sudden it’s not doing it. How do I reenable it. Motion detection is on.

Also, I can’t enable ring alerts. TIA

Video doorbell 3

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Great question neighbor! As long as your device is online and detecting motion/ recording events, the notification sound should too be heard. Visiting your Doorbell in the Ring app and ensuring both Ring alerts and Motion alerts toggles are enabled is a great start. The next best step will be to ensure a tone is assigned. This can be done by visiting your Doorbell in the Ring app > selecting Device Settings > select Alert Settings > select App Alert Tones. Please select the desired sound and also double check that your mobile device isn’t on silent mode, or a sound profile that might impact your bluetooth ear piece. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: