Motion but no video recorded

Someone just was on our door. Got notification but there is no video in history. But there is a 2 minute gap in the timeline snapshots at the time of the motion.
I tested to trigger it myself and we get notification and can start the live feed, but there is nothing in history.
I have looked in 3 different phones and it is the same in them all.

Ring stickup Elite hard wired. Up and running according to device heath.
Protect basic plan.

Same. Last recording was an hour ago.

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Same here. I have a bazillion notifications and not one recording

Has anything changed same problem here

Same problem here since 1 PM PST.

Same here I check the event history last recording was at 4:02 but I’m getting notifications every time it’s a motion but nothing in the history

UPDATE - Was just able to use Live View & able to see video in history.

Yes, same issue here. Have been on the phone with tech support for over an hour & no resolution as of yet.

So it’s working now the motions are not being recorded and saved in the event history??

Only Live View working now…no motions, notifications or videos of motions.

Hey neighbors. Sorry to hear about these issues. Right now, Ring is experiencing some technical difficulties. You can view update by clicking the Red Banner at the top of this page, or by visiting here. Thank you for your patience.

Are the videos recorded but not visible or are they lost?

I am now getting no motion alerts or videos, but Live View is working.

Same here! I took screen shots of my notification screen and event history to prove it. This scares me. What else is it not recording?

Tech Support called me back after an hour…Live View & videos now working, & motion notifications & videos working. Can see videos in history.

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