motion announcement

Hello All,

Is there a way to get the outdoor spotlight camera to announce they detected motion? i want to say i saw a video online a camera making an annoucement that motion was detected when an intrudor came to the garage door. the voice sounded a lot like alexas voice for what that is worth

Hey @lake1069. If you could find this video online, I would love to explain what I think it may be from! When it comes to the cameras, they cannot have a verbal announcement when motion is detected, but you can access the 2-way talk through the Live View and warn off any intruders by talking to them through the Live View.

@lake1069, I have Amazon Alexa devices in my house as well as a Ring Doorbell and 2 Stick Up Cam Elite PoE cameras. The Ring devices are integrated into my Alexa devices and the motion announcement is controlled within the Alexa app. For my Lanai camera, I currently have the annoucements turned off because spider webs and flying insects keep setting the camera off in the middle of the night and the Alexa announcements wake us up. If Ring ever fixes their People Only mode, I will turn the announcements back on.

See attached screenshot of where you control this in the Alexa app.