Motion and video not triggered with a delivery to the house

I have had my Ring doorbell 4 for a week or more and it has worked perfectly until today. Whilst I was out I had a delivery placed in my front porch, as requested, but the video doorbell did not pick up the delivery man coming to the door. There were no video events between me leaving the house and returning some 6+ hours later. Very worried that the whole point of getting the doorbell, to alert me when I am out of the house, is not always working. It has worked over mobile data on previous occasions when I have been miles away, so not sure why it missed this time. Any thoughts or advice gratefully received.

Hi @MikeSmith. It’s tough to say what this could be right off the bat. The best thing to do would be to reevaluate your Motion Settings and see if that changes how your Doorbell detects motion. This Community post here has great information on optimizing your Doorbells Motion Detection. Let me know if this helps!

Thanks Tom, I think the main problem was I hadn’t realised there are 2 settings, one for people and one for all motion. I have now enabled the one for all motion and having set the detection boundary to finish at the edge of my property I am currently adjusting the sensitivity for optimum performance. I was quite worried that there had been a delivery without triggering the sensor but much happier now.

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Hey @MikeSmith. It may be a bit of “trial and error” adjusting things, but I’m sure once you get this dialed in, it will work great for you!