Motion alerts won’t disable In Home Mode setting

Motion alerts for sensors won’t disable in Home Mode setting despite there being a setting to do so. Why?

Hey @Julie2. The new Modes features that we have for our cameras and doorbells is a feature used to eliminate the motion detection or live view ability depending on the mode that you are in. For the Ring Alarm system, you can use the different Modes to enable sensors in modes to be monitored or not, but not to silence the notifications for the sensors. You will need to toggle on/off Open/Closed Alerts for the Contact Sensors and motion alerts on/off for Motion Detectors connected to the Ring Alarm when you are switching modes if you wish to have them off in Home mode.

It should disable as those notifications are what tells you to look at video too see if it’s a break in. If you set not to monitor motion it means you don’t want notified for that period of time. Doesn’t make sense to me why it wouldn’t be configured to turn off with modes otherwise why turn off? I’m sure the method you describe will work but pain in x to do each time to turn off on. I don’t think the design team fully thought this one through.