Motion alerts with no recording, and can't activate live view

So, I have just upgraded from a Ring 1 to a Ring 2 doorbell. the Ring 1 worked very well so decided to upgrade to the better model. Which I am not regretting because having nothing but issues.

Live View is enabled, but it just wont work. When I select Live View, it sits on “Activating Device…” for about 60 seconds then fails but doesn’t say why.

Also I have a Chime inside, when someone rings the bell or motion is detected it is extremely delayed to get to the chime or even my phone, and sometimes it will alert multiple times (IE someone rings the doorbell, the chime goes off 30 seconds later, then again 1 min after, then again 1 min after).

So I thought network strength, even though the doorbell is in the exact same spot as my 1 was. But doing the built in network tests are coming back fine.

I am also occasionally getting ghost motion alerts, my phone will go off (when im at work) saying its detected motion, but there is no recording to go with it, I purely get the notification, but then nothing shows up in the app at all…

All round this is bloody frustrating, you think you are upgrading something and all you do is go backwards.

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I have just noticed, firmware is not “up to date” … but there appears to be no way to force it to update…

I am having the same problem and it also happens in the wee hours of the morning waking the entire house. I need to research for a different device as the ring has been a disappointment!!

What is firmware and where is the upgrade please?

Ring does not seem to be a good product at all

well i,m on my 4th door bell and firmeare never updated to up to date stuck on 1.16.00272 does not update and no snapshot capture feature i think i give up