Motion Alerts on Ring Cam

I have several Ring Cam (Wireless) cameras. On one of them I have turned off all motion zones, motion alerts and record motion. Yet I am still getting notified everytime someone or something walks past my house. I have even logged the camera off and reinstalled under a different name. The icon next to the camera clearly shows the red camera with a line through it (see Pics) Any suggestions?

This is very odd to hear @Torchy. You’ve certainly taken all the right steps to avoid motion alerts. Please ensure there are no groups or linked devices in the Ring app that might be notifying you, or even a shared device at another location.

Snoozing motion, toggling off motion alerts, toggling off record motion, and even scheduling motion should all result in either the prevention of motion alerts or recording all together. Please ensure the mobile device connection and Ring device wifi connection is optimal to ensure the settings are communicating and saving. Its always good to ensure VPN is disabled and other apps on your mobile device are closed, or even trying this out on another mobile device entirely, as a test. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Many thanks for getting back to me. I’ve checked all those things you raised and all are ok. I have 3 cams altogether, 2 wireless cams and a Ring Doorbell. The other two units are fine. If I turn off the motion alerts or disable the motion zones, I then wont receive any notifications. It’s just the Cam at the front of the house that I have this issue with. Do think it’s worth doing a factory reset if this is possible and starting again?

Many thanks!

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Good question @Torchy. The only other variable I’d check first, is the device RSSI. If this particular Camera is showing a poor RSSi, or a sign of wifi signal interference, this can result in a settings change either timing out, or taking awhile to initiate.

Other that that, yes, performing a reset will be the next best step. This is accomplished by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. If this still does not resolve your concern, our support team will be able to assist further with some in-depth troubleshooting.

Hi Marley,

Thnaks for your reply, sorry for delay in getting back to you. I’ve done a complete reset of the camera, then re-installed on the app. I then turned off all the motion zones and notifications (as before) but I am still getting notifications every time a car or person goes past my house. So, any other help would be most welcome.