Motion alerts keep going silent on Android Phonet

Motion alerts worked flawlessly for several months until I put the doorbell on the actual door. Still worked fine until my wife and daughetr set up their (Apple) devices. Still worked fine until the next day when I would only get silent notifications. Dug into the settings and finally managed to re-enable the alerts, although I can’t remember where.

Seems to only last several hours before going silent again. And then it takes me forever to find the dark-themed page that lets me re-enable the sound alerts. Today I can’t find it at all. Driving me crazy.

And yes, BOTH modes, (at home and away) are set the same way, to enable motion detection. I went online and it says to use MENU and then ALARM ALERTS. I’m a reasonably intelligent person, but I don’t see anything labeled “MENU”, so I assume thats the “Hamburger” icon. But there’s No “Alarm Alerts” there.

Please help. It really shouldn’t be this difficult.

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Hi @gdguarino. You can find some troubleshooting steps for notifications specifically on Android devices in our Help Center Article here. If those steps don’t do the trick, you can also find the Alarm Alerts by tapping the Hamburger Menu in the top left > Settings > Alarm Alerts (you may have to scroll down just a little bit to see this option). I hope this information helps get things sorted out for you!

If this issue persists despite all troubleshooting, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. It’s like every 6 months or so this problem resurfaces. I’m so tired of troubleshooting this issue and each time it happens it gets more increasingly difficult to correct. After spending hours trying to find the solution my android phone’s still will not announce motion and I’m just going to leave it that way and look for another product. This is a big disappointment because motion is the best feature in my opinion. I will be looking for another product.

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