Motion Alerts Inconsistent

People Only is not available on the wireless (battery operated) versions of the doorbell, I don’t believe.

I’m having the same issue and I’ve tried all sorts of combinations of zones, sensitivity, frequency. It has never captured the mail carrier (installed almost 2 weeks ago). Sees me backing out of the drive but rarely returning. Captured the UPS delivery guy at my door but didn’t capture his truck pulling up. Today it saw a truck leaving my curb but didn’t capture when it showed up. Many time captures people and/or vehicles as they leave the field of view but not when they enter. I’ve made many trips outside just to test whether or not it responds. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

I’m about ready to return it, but came here hoping for a solution. If so many other people are having the same issue, it must be the device, not us.

The option is on my battery-operated device.

No suggestions. But I’ll say ME TOO!!

My Ring Pro will pick up rapid cloud cover on a sunny day. It will pick up a cat walking to my porch in the early morning or night. It will pick up the shadows on the wall from my tree on a windy day.

But occasionally it won’t pick up a delivery in the day or me going outside to pick it up later in the evening.

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I saw this, and had to reply!

There have been times when we could not determine what set off the alert. But with your post about shadows from branches or clouds passing overhead, I’m sure that’s what it was on the occasions we couldn’t see anything else.

Yesterday, I forgot to take it off People Only mode before I left the house in the early afternoon to run an errand. While it alerted when I pulled out of the garage to leave, it did not alert when I pulled into the driveway and garage upon returning. That’s when I checked and saw that I forgot to take it off People Only.

So, going back to one of my original questions: The system sees my car pulling out of the garage as a person and therefore alerts. But, it doesn’t see my car pulling into the driveway or garage as a person? Strange.

And repeating myself, the reason we even have it on People Only after dark is that otherwise, it will pick up the headlights of every passing car. Having to switch the mode twice a day - every day - is tiresome and sometimes I forget.

Similar issue here. I have gone through the wizard several time to tweak the settings. My Ring 2 will pick up the occasional delivery truck passing by (my street is about 50 feet from the door), but will NOT pick up cars pulling INTO the driveway! I’m more concerned with who pulls up to my house than who rides by! I think I should try a different product in the future, as Ring doesn’t seem to want to fix these problems.

Poor answer I have trail and errored this to death It does not work properly. System should work better. 20% of the time mine gives no motion alerts at all. This is a Not Ready for Prime Time Doorbell

@Marley_Ring wrote:

Hey neighbors! The best way to fine-tune motion detection is through trial and error. As each environment differs from the next and areas can change from day time to night time, it’s best to make adjustments to settings until motion is working as desired.

Many neighbors find use out of the sensitivity slider and the “people only” setting. This will assist if vehicle traffic is setting off motion too often. I recommend also using all 3 available zones to draw. Having multiple zones versus one big zone can emphasize movement across each zone. Keep in mind not to overlap any zones as this could affect detection as well. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Me Too System is largely Inadequate and not what its supposed to be

@Babw wrote:

We are having the same issue. No alert is received when someone pulls into our driveway or walks up to our door. Only get an alert when someone rings the doorbell. Not what we were expecting when we purchased this. Frustrated! Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Play around and readjust every so often is Not an Answer and also is Not how a proper system works, sounds like an excuse for a Bad System

@Chelsea_Ring wrote:

Hey @KP6Five and @Babw. Have you tried playing around with your Motion Wizard settings? Sometimes you need to readjust these every so often to ensure the configuration is up to date and as it should be. In addition, do you have motion frequency set to frequent or standard? Sometimes on standard, if there was a recent motion event, the next motion event that may follow right after it may not happen since the device has been “snoozed” from a recent event triggering it on. I say to play around with the Motion Wizard settings, test our new motion verification (on or off) if you have it available, and turning your Motion Frequency to frequent!

Here, Here. same opinion

Mine Too, Same Issue

Yep, same Issue, I am Unhappy Tooooooo

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The People Only mode and Motion Verification updates rendered my Doorbell 2 useless, my request for support on this forum did not get any responses. So I tweaked it over a period of 2 months and have managed to get it to work, almost reliably. Without getting too deep into the flawed motion detection algorithm, here are some suggestions that may help you:

  1. Always, always mount the wedge that points the Doorbell downward, whether house is on a hill or not

  2. Disable Motion Verification, does not work and causes it to miss motion recording (because the processing is too slow)

  3. Never choose “house is facing the street”, it will then let you choose how far you want it to monitor

Confirmed observations (Doorbell 2):

a. People Motion detection head-on only works at a 3-4’ distance max. Crosswise is more sensitive.

b. Detection changes based on lighting conditions (ex: Doorbell in shade and a sunlit detection area or vice versa)

c. Since Ring hides its updates (you never know when you got one), if it was working fine and does not now, then assume you got an update and start over.

  1. The detection pattern is not a right-angled triangle pointing down as shown in the manual (Doorbell 2). It is a narrow cylinder that flares gradually toward its max distance

Hope this helps…

Same problem here. My stick up cam can’t detect my car when i pull into the driveway. Customer service can’t solve my problem.

It worked fine before having one zone…so it’s an issue on your side. I’d fix it before people just dump it all together!