Motion Alert Tone no longer working

I installed 3 security cameras a few months ago, and set up different App Notification Tones for Front, Back and Side gardens. Initially these worked well on both iPad (iOS 13.6.1) and iPhone (iOS 12.4.8). Then the audible alert stopped working on the iPhone, and only the silent message “There is motion at your front” was received. Ring advised re-installing the App, which worked temporarily. However the same problem has recurred. I carry my phone everywhere, but not the iPad, and rely on the audible alert.

After a lengthy conversation with Ring recently, when several possible solutions were tried, Ring now advise that I should buy a new phone in order to update the iOS.

However today the Ring App on the Apple store still states that my phone is compatible, and that the App requires iOS 10.0 or later, which I have.

Also, Ring’s General FAQs state that “Apple devices must be iOS 9.3 or newer”, which I have.

I sent a formal complaint to but this returned a message that Ring no longer offers support via email!

Can anyone please offer a solution so that I get App Notification Tones again on my iPhone?

Also, how can I send a complaint to Ring without phoning them again?

Hey @DM1919. Thank you for your feedback here. I’m happy to ensure we pass this along to the appropriate teams, and I apologize that you still have not been able to find a resolution for this concern. It’s possible this may not be iOS related, as there could be a setting that is prohibiting this kind of tone from playing on your phone. One possible fix is to find or trigger a Ring notification into your Notification Center, drag it to the left, and hit “Manage” and take a screenshot of your options. If it says “Deliver Prominently," click it. If it says “Deliver Quietly," don’t click it.

Once you have this screenshot, please attach it in your reply, and then try to trigger another Ring notification and let me know if you get the motion alert tone still.

Thank you for trying to assist me.
Please see attached a screenshot after selecting ‘Manage’ from an alert in my Notification Centre.
I haven’t clicked on anything - what should I do next?

@DM1919 Thanks for getting back to me and that screenshot! I wanted to try to lend a helping hand to see if we could sort this out from being anything other than an iOS issue, but it possibly may be, as iOS updates have stopped supporting iPhones that are below the 6S. You can read more about this from Apple directly here, as they state iOS 12.4.8 works on 5S and up, but the most recent iOS 13.7 and iOS 13.6.1 only work on 6S and later. Do you have an iPhone that is under a 6S? If you’re unable to upgrade your iOS to the most recent version, this may be why it’s not working with all the same features as compared to your iPad which is on the most up to date iOS.

Aside from the iOS side of this concern, could you also go into your iPhone settings > scroll down the bottom and select Ring > Notifications > and share a screenshot of what your settings look like under here? Lastly, please take a screenshot and share what App Alert Tone you have selected on your iPhone under the Ring app > main menu > Devices > Camera (you’ll need to check all of them) > Device Settings > Alert Settings > App Alert Tones and ensure you have something other than Silent selected here and the volume is turned up from here as well. This will be under Motions for your cameras in the App Alert Tone section.

Hi Chelsea

I have attached the screen shots which you have requested (I discovered that only 2 screenshots can be sent in a single reply and so I will try later to send further replies).

Please note that they come from different headings from the ones that you describe:

  • for Alert Settings I selected Notification Settings

  • for App Alert Tones I selected App Notification Tones

  • for Motions I selected Sounds.

If these selections are incorrect please let me know.

There are two photos of Ring>Notifications, to show all the settings. You’ll notice on the ‘Front’ camera the volume has been increased to its maximum, but that has not resolved the problem that audible App Notification Tones are not occurring on the iPhone. (However, they are audible when I choose an alert tone from within Settings).

I hope that you can find a solution within my settings. The alternative which you mention initially, troubles me. I am using an iPhone 5s. However, this uses iOS 12.4.8 and as you will see from the additional screenshots, the Ring App still states, a) that my phone is compatible with the app, and b) that iOS 10. 0 or later is required. Clearly, when I recently purchased 3 security cameras and paid to have them installed, it was on the basis that the software was compatible with my iPhone. Indeed, even today I would make the same decision based on the information published on the Ring App in the Apple Store.

Therefore, it is not reasonable or acceptable for Ring to tell me that I need a new iPhone. If a necessary change of settings on my iPhone or within the Ring App cannot be identified then perhaps Ring will promptly adjust the software in its App to enable it to work fully with iOS 10.0 or later, as is intended for customers.

I do hope that you will find a solution so that I can again get audible notifications on my iPhone.


Chelsea, this is a follow-up with screen shots of setting for 2 cameras.

Here is the screenshot of the settings for the third camera.

Finally, these are screenshots of the current Ring App compatibility from the Apple App Store.

Hey @DM1919. Thank you for getting back to me in great detail and with all of those screenshots! I wanted to let you know I’m looking over this with a member of my team and I will be back to you with more information and any additional questions we may have soon. Thank you for your patience! In the meantime, just a quick question - do you get any audible alerts on your iPhone 5S? I know you mentioned this used to work and then suddenly stopped, but do other apps that have audible alerts for you play the sound, just not the Ring app, despite having the correct settings?

I appreciate your help with this Chelsea.

I get a buzz on receipt of a WhatsApp message, and an extended buzz when I receive a text message. I don’t think that I have any other alerts set up.

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@DM1919 Of course, happy to help when I can! Are you able to program your WhatsApp or text messages to have an audible tone to them? It’s possible that if other apps are not giving you audible tones, this can explain why the Ring app is not giving the tone, as it may be a phone specific concern. Would you mind trying this out with your text messages or WhatsApp and letting me know if you get the audible tone? You’ll want to ensure you have the silencer button turned off on the side, as well as the volumes turned up on your phone.

Hi Chelsea, I think/hope that you have provided the solution! I need to verify and will get back to you.

Problem solved Chelsea. It was as simple as the switch on the side of the phone.

Appreciate your patience and help.

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