Motion Alert Snooze

I followed all the instructions to set snooze on my Ring Doorbell. It says it is set on the app. However, still getting motion alarms! Reason for the snooze: the Flag is in front of my camera active zone.

Hey @Henry-In-FL. What kind of phone do you have? Could you try removing the Ring app, rebooting your phone, and then reinstalling the app, and then attempt to snooze the Pro again? Ensure you have the snooze on, as you will see a crescent moon on the Device Profile page if it’s snoozed. Once snoozed, try to trip an alert. Let me know how this goes!

Sorry, not correct. I had to call in to support to get the fix.

The problem is that Snooze must be per user, which then applies to only the users devices (or maybe only to those awake enough to get the setting?). While I understand the reasoning for this is, it’s cumbersome to understand when the users of devices are in the same room and that’s evidenty not clear to many users, like yourself.

Actually, I find other things about Ring Pro Doorbell likewise difficult to deal with:

  1. Really poor WiFi signal stength. 2’ from the hotspot gives and RSSI of 66 and in practical use provides just barely enough to allow reasonable operation.
  2. Real-time delay to answer a ring.
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