Motion alert shows offline


I’ve had Motion alert disabled for a few months and decided to activate it again.
The problem is that when you press the “Motion Alert” button (iOS, latest version, Ring App latest version) It returns to disabled. I’ve tried to adjust the zones, activate and disable the zones, change the frequency between frequent, standard and light.
Nothing works, Motion alerts still wont activate.

Using the windows App it say “Motion Disabled” on the dashboard.

Not sure what to do to fix this, reset the entire doorbell? (only thing I haven’t tried)

Try uninstalling your app, turn off the device and reinstall the app.

Nope, did not help. Still not able to activate the motion function

I managed to fix the problem by removing the doorbell completely from the app (where it warns to only do it if Gifting or selling) and added it as a new device. Now all functions work and is as it should!