Motion alert is slow

I got person detected alert, so I opened the app who was there, and I saw one men holding a box but ring didnt recorded from when he walked toward my house, I only can see it recorded when he was leaving from the door and holding a box, so I couldnt see his face, and neither not sure if he took my pacakage or not. Because I ordered so many things to deliver so I am not sure if he is a theif or just found the wrong house since the Ring didnt recorded the who scenes!!

Hi @Yopark. Concerns like this are typically related to the positioning of the Doorbell or the strength of the wifi signal it’s receiving. Can you let me know which model of Doorbell you have, as well as what the RSSI on the Device Health screen is? If you don’t mind, can you also share a screenshot of the Motion Zones you have set within the Ring App? I’d be happy to offer some helpful suggestions once I have more information. :slight_smile: