Motion Alert and Mode Settings

We’ve got 3 outdoor security cameras. We want them to always be recording when motion is detected. And then we want an easy way to turn on notifications for when any camera senses motion.

I see in the camera settings page, there are toggles for:

  • Motion Detection
  • Motion Alerts
  • Motion Warning

And in the customize modes page, there are toggles for:

  • Motion Detection
  • Live View

I would like to use the Modes to switch all the cameras between enabling Motion Alerts. So when we’re home, we get no alerts for motion. And when we are gone, we get alerts for motion. But all the time we are recording when there is motion detected.

But looking at the options you can configure within the modes, this does not seem possible.

Any suggestions?

Here’s something interesting…

I had thought the “Device Settings” were specific to the device. Multiple family members can have a phone and each have the ring app that all connect to the same camera device. I had assumed that Device Settings like Motion Detection and Motion Alerts was set on the device and independent of which phone/app changed the setting.

I had Motion Alerts enabled, and then went into my Ring settings on the phone (in the iOS settings) and disabled notifications. Then when I went back into the Ring app the Motion Alerts toggle was disabled. And when I tried to re-enable it, I got a message saying I had to enable notifications on my phone.

So now it seems like this Motion Alerts setting is specific to my phone/app… and not like a setting that’s stored for the Ring camera device (which would apply to all phone/apps that are connecting to it).