More than 15 feet no motions

Hi my camera more than 15 doesn’t pick up any motions. I called I did update all the settings still not working WiFi it’s good RSSI -57 green .
New camera but I’m not new with ring current using 30 days so I don’t have subscr…

Hi @Etnevelring. You also want to make sure you have your Cameras installed at a good height, which would be 9 feet from ground up. If you mount it higher than that, it can negatively affect your motion detection. If your Camera is at a good height and you are still having the same concern, I recommend you continue working with our support team to further investigate your concern.

I just posted the exact same complaint. One of them is my doorbell which certainly not higher than that, with the steps up to the door its probably 7-8’ that slopes to the street. The motion detection window is very narrow and does not represent the chosen zone settings.

Hi @user68564. Doorbells and cameras have different mounting recommendations and motion settings based on that. If you are having issues with your Doorbell, try posting a topic in that category.

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